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Family History Book: Wallace

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Certain Generation: Peter Wallace, Sr.

Second Generation: John Wallace

Third Generation: Robert Wallace

Fourth Generation: Sarah Wallace

Immediate Relatives

Children of Peter Wallace and Elizabeth Woods

William Wallace (b. ~1706)

married Hannah Woods, daughter of Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace's brother, Michael

Susannah Wallace (1708-1797)

married William Woods, son of Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace's brother, Michael

Samuel Wallace (~1709-~1800)

married Esther Baker

Andrew Wallace (1711-1785)

married Margaret Woods, daughter of Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace's brother, Michael

Adam Wallace (~1713/15-1738)

John Wallace (1716-1782)

married Sarah Ralston

Peter Wallace, Jr. (1719-1786)

married Martha Woods, daughter of Elizabeth (Woods) Wallace's brother, Michael

Children of John Wallace and Sarah Ralston

Robert "Robin" Wallace

married Isabel Rutherford

Children of Robert "Robin" Wallace and Isabel Rutherford

Sarah Wallace

married Joseph Ralston

Children of Sarah Wallace and Joseph Ralston

Elizabeth Phoebe Ralston (Apr 1796-8 Jun 1829)

married Simon White

Robert W. Ralston, Sr. (22 Feb 1797-28 Oct 1879)

John Ralston (27 Apr 1799-28 Sep 1854)

Tabitha Ralston (15 May 1801-26 Aug 1882)

married 1st, Thomas Barbour; married 2nd, Joshua Renfro

Lucinda Ralston (15 Mar 1805-1864)

married William H. Barbour

Sarah Ralston (22 Mar 1806-10 Mar 1852)

married Joseph Renfro

William Wallace Ralston (8 Oct 1809-1 Jul 1891)

married Margaret Courtenay Walker

July Ann Ralston (4 Mar 1812-8 Jan 1838)

married D. D. Ferguson

Thomas Ralston (22 Sep 1814-20 Dec 1897)


Hardin Davis Ralston (14 Oct 1818-27 Feb 1898)


Joseph Ralston, Jr. (1 Jun 1820-11 Feb 1887)

married Elizabeth A. Elgin

Other Wallace Relatives

Linked Families


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