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Family History Book: Woods

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Known Generation: John Woods

Second Generation: Elizabeth Woods

Immediate Relatives

Children of John Woods and Elizabeth Worsop

married Peter Wallace
married Mary Campbell
  • John Woods (1685-1693)
  • William Woods (1686-1785)
  • Samuel Woods (1686-1755)
  • James Woods (1687-)
  • Andrew Woods (1690-1719)

Children of Elizabeth Woods and Peter Wallace

  • William Wallace (1706-)
married Hannah Woods, daughter of Michael Woods
  • Susannah Wallace (1708-1797)
married William Woods, son of Michael Woods
  • Samuel Wallace (~1708-
married Esther Baker
  • Andrew Wallace (1711-1785)
married Margaret Woods, daughter of Michael Woods
married Isabel Rutherford
  • Peter Wallace, Jr. (1719-1786)
married Martha Woods, daughter of Michael Woods

Other Woods Relatives

Linked Families


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