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Family History Book: Watson

This is my paternal surname, so is the Y-DNA root for my immediate birth family. My father did have his Y-DNA tested at FamilyTreeDNA years ago, but the password and source data was lost. Oddly, although this lineage ought to be the easiest to trace via DNA, that has not proven to be the case from a genealogy point of view because of missing documentation. Ironically, the other least-documented line is my mtDNA family, where the earliest known ancestor is only five generations ago (Jane Starling Hutchinson Cattell). Go figure.

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Generation: John Aaron Watson (?)

Second Generation: Charles M Watson

Third Generation: Thomas Alexander Watson, Sr.

Fourth Generation: Herschel Ambrose Watson, Sr.

Fifth Generation: John Brooks Watson

Immediate Relatives

Children of Charles M Watson & Mattie Smith

Irene Frances Watson

Carrie Estille Watson

Harvey Emmett Watson

Thomas Alexander Watson, Sr.

Bertha Mae Watson

Charles Lee Watson

Children of Thomas A Watson, Sr.& Ida Cora Alexander

Thomas Alexander Watson, Jr.

Ida Mae Watson

Herschel Ambrose Watson, Sr.

Watson Twin Boys

Delia Watson

Children of Herschel A Watson, Sr.

with Johnnie Mae Hackworth

Herschel A "Tex" Watson

John Brooks Watson

with Vada Lue Kidd

Lue Ann Watson

Richard Watson

Other Watson Relatives

Possible Uncles of Charles M Watson

Abijah B Watson

Thomas Watson of Coweta, GA

Siblings of Charles M Watson

Richard Watson

Elias Watson

Linked Families

Table of Contents