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Family History Book: John Aaron Watson (1809-by 1840)

This ancestor's given name is not verified, but appears in several published family trees, which also give his date of birth as 1809. His parents are unknown. If Abijah B Watson is his brother (as DNA evidence suggests), John Aaron was probably born in North Carolina as Abijah probably was. He had three sons, but the eldest, Richard, may have been with a different wife than the mother of Charles M Watson, since Lucinda M Holman was only 11 years old when Richard was born. There is no evidence available to suggest who this theoretical first wife might have been. His second son, Elias, was born in about 1830, so possibly could have been Lucinda's since she was about 19 then. So far a marriage record for John A and Lucinda has not been found, which is unfortunate since that would answer this question.

John Aaron Watson's Descendants are:

Since John Aaron does not appear in the 1840 US Census with Lucinda (who is shown as head of household) and three sons, and Lucinda remarried in 1841, we assume that John Aaron Watson (if that indeed was his name) had died by 1840.

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