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Family History Book: Delia Watson (1908-1995)

The youngest child and second daughter of Ida Cora Alexander and Thomas A Watson, Sr., Delia was born 23 September 1908 in Dallas, Texas. Tom, the oldest, gave predictable nicknames to all his siblings. Ida Mae was known as "Sister", Herschel was "Brother" and Delia was "Baby".`
Due to her father's disability, she and the other children went to work either during high school (in the case of the boys, who had big paper routes) or immediately after graduating rather than think about going to college. Putting food on the table took priority over education, although all of them were good students and maintained a lively interest in current events, history and such things throughout their lives. Delia was her generation's "family historian" and took responsibility for collecting genealogical information as well as she could in the days before the internet, and while she had a life-long career. After early work as a secretary, she worked at the First National Bank in Dallas in several positions, and when she retired from the bank, she worked for various other financial companies.
Delia never married, and has no descendants. She was engaged, or at least seriously involved, but her intended was killed in World War II, and she never had another love interest. She and her mother lived in half of the duplex owned by her sister, Ida Mae, and her husband, John Everman.
Delia passed away on 13 November 1995 of Parkinson's Disease. She is buried in Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park, Dallas.

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