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Family History Book: Donelson

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Known Generation: Patrick Donelson

Second Generation: John Donelson I

Third Generation: Col. John Donelson II

Fourth Generation: Mary Donelson

Immediate Relatives

Children of Patrick Donelson & Jean

Catherine Donelson

Jean Donelson

Patrick Donelson II

John Donelson I

Children of John Donelson I & Catherine Davies

Andrew Donelson

Mary Donelson

married Hugh Henry

William Donaldson

married Mary Sweeney

Col. John Donelson II

married Rachel Stockley

Children of Col. John Donelson II & Rachel Stockley

Mary Donelson

married Capt. John Caffery

Elizabeth Donelson

married Col. Thomas Hutchins

Thomas Donalson

Alexander Donalson


Catherine Donelson

married Col. Thomas Hutchins

Capt. John Stockley Donelson

married Mary Purnell

Samuel Donelson

married Mary "Polly" Smith

William Blount Donelson

married Charity Dickerson

Stockley Donelson

married Elizabeth Glasgow

Susannah Donelson

Jane Donelson

married Col. Robert Hays

Rachel Donelson

married 1st Lewis Robards, 2nd Pres. Gen. Andrew Jackson

Severn Donelson

married Elizabeth Rucker

Levin Donelson


Other Donelson Relatives

Mary Donelson (1712-1805)

married Hugh Henry

Rachel Donelson (1767-1828)

married (2) Gen. Andrew Jackson

Stockley Donelson (1752-1805)

Linked Families

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