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Family History Book: Caffery

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Known Generation: Charles Caffery

Second Generation: John Caffery

Third Generation: Capt. John Caffery

Fourth Generation: Sarah "Sallie" Caffery

Immediate Relatives

Children of Charles Caffery & Sarah Warren

Ann Caffery

Mary Caffery

Rachel Caffery

Charles Caffery

John Caffery

Children of John Caffery & Elizabeth Candler

Capt. John Caffery

Charles Caffery

Barnabas Caffery

Children of Capt. John Caffery & Mary Donelson

Rachel Caffery

married George Walker

Sarah "Sallie" Caffery

married John Walker

Elizabeth Caffery

married Abraham Green

Donalson Thomas Caffery

married Lydia Murphy

Mary Caffery

married John William Knox

Nancy Caffery

married Dr. John Jenkins

Sophie Donelson Caffery

married Peter Aaron van Dorn

Catherine A Caffery

married George Walker

Jefferson Jackson Caffery

married Marie Alix de Maret

John Caffery III

married Catherine Smith

Jane Caffery


Children of Sarah "Sallie" Caffery & John Walker

Mary "Polly" Walker

married 1st John Selby/Silvey, 2nd Alexander Bradley

Ann "Nancy" Walker


Jacob Wray Walker


Rachel Walker

Helen Waller Walker

married Dr. Alfred J Bayse

Rachel Walker

married -- Corbin

Mary Walker

married Charles Meredith

Margaret Courtenay Walker

married William Wallace Ralston

Major General John George Walker

married Sophia M Baylor

Other Caffery Relatives

Ambassador Donelson Caffery

Linked Families


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