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Family History Book: Rutherford

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Documented Generation: Capt. James Rutherford

Second Generation: Rev. John Rutherford

Third Generation: James Rutherford

Fourth Generation: Isabel Rutherford

Immediate Relatives

Children of (William or Andrew) Rutherford of Nisbet

married first Euphemia Hamilton, second Jean McMath
  • Rev. George Rutherford (1602-1665)
married Marion Gordon
married Margaret Gladstone

Children of Capt. James Rutherford and Margaret Gladstone

married Isabel Alleine

Children of Rev. John Rutherford and Isabel Alleine

  • Allen Rutherford
  • Elizabeth Rutherford
married Hugh Hudson
  • Esther
  • John
  • Katherine Rutherford
married John Walker of Wigton, Scotland
married Margaret McMahon

Children of James Rutherford and Margaret McMahon

  • Isabel Rutherford
married John Wallace
  • Samuel Rutherford
  • Rebecca Rutherford
married *** Campbell

Children of Isabel Rutherford and John Wallace

married Sarah Ralston
  • James Wallace

Other Rutherford Relatives

Rev. Samuel Rutherford, the Divine

Linked Families


Table of Contents