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Family History

The Pennington family is one of our better documented ancient lineages, largely thanks to the fact that the earliest progenitors were gentry who stayed mostly in one place for at least ten generations. Our first "of Pennington" ancestor was Sir Gamel de Pennington, a bastard son of Sir Alan de Percy (1069-1135). He was not born in the village of Pennington, but moved there as a young adult, possibly after marrying a daughter of Ulf (Ulfsdottir, given name unknown). Pennington village is less than 20 miles from the long-time seat of the family, at Mulcaster, near Ravenglass in present-day Cumberland, on the west coast of England north of Liverpool. It was Sir Gamel's grandson, Sir Alan Pennington I, who settled in Mulcaster and built Muncaster Castle in 1208. The name of the family seat, Muncaster Castle, is from a corrupted version of "Mulcaster", so called following a long-standing feud between the Pennington and Mulcaster families.
After about ten generations, a cadet branch of the family left Muncaster/Mulcaster and eventually wound up in or near London. The first American Pennington, Ephraim "of Connecticut", was part of the New Haven Colony, founded in 1641. His son, Ephraim Pennington II, removed across the bay to present-day Newark ("New Ark of the Covenant"), New Jersey after the New Haven Colony's charter was dissolved by King Charles II. Several generations later, Ephraim "of North Carolina" moved from eastern Pennsylvania down the Great Wagon Road to North Carolina or western Virginia. At least two of this Ephraim's sons, Timothy and Richard, moved to Kentucky. Timothy's son, Riggs, worked as a surveyor in Indiana and Illinois before migrating with extended family to central Texas. Descedants of Riggs Pennington and other branches of the large Pennington clan have spread throughout the US and world.

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Generation of the Name: Sir Gamel de Pennington (1090-1170)

Second Generation: Sir Benedict Pennington (1130-1185)

Third Generation: Sir Alan Pennington I (1160-1208)

Fourth Generation: Sir Thomas Pennington I (1200-1248)

Fifth Generation: Sir Alan Pennington II (1234-1277)

Sixth Generation: Sir William Pennington I (1270-1323)

Seventh Generation: Sir John Pennington I (1305-1332)

Eighth Generation: Sir William Pennington II (1331-1400)

Ninth Generation: Sir Alan Pennington III (1360-1415)

Tenth Generation: Sir John Pennington II (1393-1470)

Eleventh Generation: Sir John Pennington III (1419-1460)

Twelfth Generation: Sir John Pennington IV (1436-1512)

Thirteenth Generation: Sir John Pennington V (1464-1516)

Fourteenth Generation: John Pennington VI (1489-1557)

Fifteenth Generation: Sir William Pennington III (1523-1592)

Sixteenth Generation: Adm. Isaac Robert Pennington (1558-1628)

Seventeenth Generation: John Pennington VII (1573-1634)

Eighteenth Generation: William Pennington IV (1594-1652)

Nineteenth Generation: Ephraim Pennington I "of Connecticut" (1620-1661)

Twentieth Generation: Ephraim Pennington II (1645-1693)

Twenty-first Generation: Ephraim Pennington III (1668-1694)

Twenty-second Generation: Ephraim Pennington IV (1692-1750)

Twenty-third Generation: Ephraim Pennington V "of North Carolina" (1725-1800)

Twenty-fourth Generation: Timothy Pennington (1748-1823)

Twenty-fifth Generation: Riggs Pennington (1787-1869)

Twenty-sixth Generation: Eliza Jane Pennington (1821-1912)

Immediate Relatives

Other Pennington Relatives

Linked Families


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