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Family History Book: Martiau

Our Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Known Generation: Richard Martiau (1527-1567)

Second Generation: Nicholas Martiau (1547-1600}

Third Generation: Capt. Nicholas Martiau (1591-1657)

Fourth Generation: Elizabeth Martiau (1625-1696)

Immediate Relatives

Children of Richard Martiau and Isabel or Melissa Harrison

Children of Nicholas Martiau Sr. and Éléonore de Somiers

Children of Capt. Nicholas Martiau and Elizabeth Jane Page

  • (Step-daughter) Jane Berkeley (1591-after 1639)
daughter of Lt. Edward Berkeley and Elizabeth Jane Page
  • Nicholas Martiau III (1622-1622)
  • Elizabeth Martiau (1625-1696)
  • Mary Martiau (1627-1657)
  • Sarah Martiau (1629-1678)
  • Richard Martiau (1630-1640)

Children of Elizabeth Martiau and Col. George Reade

married "Speaker" Col. Augustine Warner (1642-1681)
father of Margaret Reade (1678-1713), who married Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson
  • Francis Reade (1645-1695)
  • Benjamin A Reade (1647-1731)
  • George Reade Jr. (d.s.p.)

Other Martiau Relatives

Linked Famililes


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