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Family History Book: David Meade II (1744-1836)

Early Life

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Marriage and Children

As described in his autobiography, David married Susan Waters, daughter and only child of William Waters of Williamsburg (who had died in May 1767), on 12 May 1768. Together they had nine children:
  • David Meade III (1769-1800)
  • Andrew Meade (1772-1790)
  • Sarah "Sallie" Meade (1775-1815)
married Charles W Byrd
  • Hugh Kidder Meade (1779-1790)
married Judith Shelton
  • Susan Waters Meade (1777-1833)
married Gen. Nathaniel Massie
  • Ann Randolph Meade (1781-1847)
married Samuel Hughes Woodson
  • Elizabeth "Betsy" Meade (1784-1852)
married William Creighton
  • Richard Everard Meade (1787-1861)
married Mary Walker

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