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Family History Book: Courtenay

Our Direct Lineage

Only Known Generation: Frances Courtenay (1682-1766)

Immediate Relatives

Children of Frances Courtenay and Robert Tucker

  • Courtenay Tucker (1704-1757)
married Jacob Walker
  • Robert Tucker II (1710-1767)
married Joanna Corbin
  • John Tucker of Barbados (~1714-)
  • Sarah Tucker (1716-1757)
married Benjamin Farmer

Child of Frances Courtenay and Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson

  • Sarah "Sallie" Nelson (1724-1770)
married Robert Burwell

Step-Children of Frances Courtenay with 2nd husband, Thomas "Scotch Tom" Nelson

  • President William Nelson
married Elizabeth Burwell
Four children, including Thomas Nelson, Jr., signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • Mary Nelson
married Col. Edmond Berkeley
  • Secretary Thomas Nelson
married Lucy Armistead

Other Courtenay Relatives

  • The Courtenay families of Devon & Powderham
As far as I know, other than her name there is no direct evidence that Frances Courtenay was related to the Courtenays of Devon and Castle Powderham.

Linked Families


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