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Family History Book: Lucinda Monk Holman (1811-~1858)

Lucinda Holman was born 26 January 1811 in Georgia to Richard Holman (1784-1850) and Winnifred Monk (1789-1850). Both her parents were from South Carolina. Winnefred's parents were Thomas Monk and Mary (surname unknown).

Lucinda's Descendants are:

Given Lucinda's birthdate, my guess is that Richard and possibly Elias were children from her husband's previous marriage, of which we have no information. But the idea that she could have had Richard when she was just 11 or 12 years old is really unlikely.
After Mr. Watson died, Lucinda remarried to Odell Odom in a double wedding with her brother, Richard L Holman and Odell's sister, Harriet Odom, on 28 Jan 1841 in Harris County, Georgia. In the next census (1850), her youngest son, Charles M Watson, appears as "Charles Odom", which prevented an easy search for his record. Luckily, a descendant of Richard and Harriet, Lee Whitely, contacted me and told me about it, at the same time he informed me of Lucinda's identity.
Lucinda probably passed away sometime before December 1858, when her second husband remarried to Mary Ann Sykes.

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