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Family History Book: Ida Cora Alexander (1880-1963)

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Ida Cora Alexander was born in Mulberry, Lincoln County, Tennessee on 10 January, 1880, the daughter of Mary Jane Shores and George Washington Alexander, Jr. She married Thomas Alexander Watson in Dallas, Texas on her 20th birthday, 10 January 1900. They had six children, four of whom lived to adulthood.

Ida's Descendants are:

  • son, Thomas Alexander Watson, Jr (1901-1990)
    • grandson, Walter Wayne Watson (1924-1980)
    • granddaughter, Marian Elayne Watson (1926-2011)
      • two great-granddaughters, living
      • great-grandson, living
        • two great-great grandchildren, living
  • son, Herschel Ambrose Watson, Sr. (1903-1991)
    • grandson, Herschel A "Tex" Watson (1922-2011)
      • great-granddaughter, living
        • great-great grandson, died as infant
        • great-great grandson, living
          • great-great-great grandchild, living
      • great-grandson, living
    • grandson, John Brooks Watson, living
      • two great-granddaughters, living
        • three great-great grandsons, living
          • four great-great-great grandchildren, living
      • great-grandson, living
    • granddaughter, Lu Ann Watson (1942-1942)
    • grandson, Richard Lee Watson (1946-1952)
  • daughter, Ida Mae Watson (1905-1988)
    • granddaughter, living
    • two sons, unnnamed twins (1906-1906) & (1906-1907)
  • daughter, Delia Watson (1908-1995)

Ida Cora (Alexander) Watson died in Dallas on 17 October, 1963. She is buried in Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas.

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