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Family History Book: Hutchinson

This family is a recent discovery, thanks to the untimely death of Sylvester Hutchinson and his widow's remarriage while their daughter was a young child. However, thanks to some DNA matches on WikiTree and subsequent research, this deep history came to light.

Direct Lineage

Prior Generations

First Generation: Barnard Hutchinson (1280- )

Second Generation: John Hutchinson

Third Generation: William Hutchinson (1427- )

Fourth Generation: Thomas Hutchinson I (1487-1550)

Fifth Generation: Lawrence Hutchinson (1528-1577)

Sixth Generation: Thomas Hutchinson II (1529-1590)

Seventh Generation: Thomas Hutchinson III (1570-1618)

Eighth Generation: Richard Hutchinson (1602-1682)

Ninth Generation: Joseph Hutchinson (1633-1716)

Tenth Generation: Ambrose Hutchinson (1684-1757)

Eleventh Generation: Israel Hutchinson (1713-1776)

Twelfth Generation: Benjamin Hutchinson I (1760-1813)

Thirteenth Generation: Benjamin Hutchinson II (1790-1857)

Fourteenth Generation: Sylvester Hutchinson (1824-1860)

Fifteenth Generation: Laura Henrietta Hutchinson (1847-1932)

Other Hutchinson Relatives

Sir Thomas Christopher Hutchinson, Baronet, of Owthorpe

Linked Families

Hutchinson Family Tree

Table of Contents