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Wiki & Blog Updates
Missed Milestone

Wiki & Blog Updates

If you have been reading this blog as it grows, you may have noticed a few changes to its appearance. I’ve added a few menu items, in particular a link to the Frayed Genes Pinterest boards, and of course the blogroll banner for Geneabloggers (a really wonderful site, with links to genealogy blogs numbering over 3000 and counting). But the wiki has seen even more changes. That trend, with the wiki and Pinterest boards accumulating more additions than the blog, is likely to continue. Whenever I read something that I think is potentially valuable to genealogists I either “pin” it to Pinterest or add a link to the wiki, sometimes both.

At this point, some sections in the wiki are starting to take shape, in particular the DNA Research page, since that is what I am studying myself at the moment. But other sections have been added recently as well.

As more material is added, I may rearrange the pages to improve the interface, and there may be some cases where I will make internal links when a particular entry seems to fall in more than one category. That way, if you concentrate on just one section you are less likely to miss something just because it is filed in a different area. This is the “Web” after all, not a physical filing cabinet where we can only put items in one place.

Pinterest boards

All 39 boards currently on Frayed Genes’ Pinterest homepage

On Pinterest we now have thirty-nine public boards, which are now arranged in a somewhat organized order. They might be classified as tools and methodologies and resources, followed by specific research areas.

Anyway, I hope you will take some time to explore these adjuncts to this blog. I think you’ll be glad you did. And let me know what you think in the comments!

Missed Milestone

You would think that by now I’d have this on my calendar, but I totally zoomed past my 20th anniversary as a Web publisher, completely oblivious! That’s right, even people who call themselves amateur historians (emphasis on the amateur adjective, obviously) can forget dates sometimes. Mine was in October 1995, when I released my first personally owned and operated website. While I no longer have that site, it is still online.

Since 1995 I’ve started many other websites, some successful, others not so much. Most were on my own behalf, a few for friends or organizations, and some for business purposes, whether my companies or for hire. This New Year’s Eve seems to have triggered some reminiscing, but I promise not to get too nostalgic. Let’s just say it’s been quite a ride, and I’m happy to have yet another new site launched here, still experimenting with mixing things up. In this case, of course, the experimentation comes in the form of an integrated wiki and blog, which I have high hopes will prove to be a winning combination. Each publishing format has its pros and cons, so by doing both simultaneously the objective is to take advantage of the up sides of both, while making up for any deficiencies by trading off between the different sides of the site. I’d be happy to hear your comments about how well it’s working, here or on Twitter.

So, here’s to the past, and to the future! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016

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