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Missed Milestone
Hello, World: first post on new genealogy blog

Missed Milestone

You would think that by now I’d have this on my calendar, but I totally zoomed past my 20th anniversary as a Web publisher, completely oblivious! That’s right, even people who call themselves amateur historians (emphasis on the amateur adjective, obviously) can forget dates sometimes. Mine was in October 1995, when I released my first personally owned and operated website. While I no longer have that site, it is still online.

Since 1995 I’ve started many other websites, some successful, others not so much. Most were on my own behalf, a few for friends or organizations, and some for business purposes, whether my companies or for hire. This New Year’s Eve seems to have triggered some reminiscing, but I promise not to get too nostalgic. Let’s just say it’s been quite a ride, and I’m happy to have yet another new site launched here, still experimenting with mixing things up. In this case, of course, the experimentation comes in the form of an integrated wiki and blog, which I have high hopes will prove to be a winning combination. Each publishing format has its pros and cons, so by doing both simultaneously the objective is to take advantage of the up sides of both, while making up for any deficiencies by trading off between the different sides of the site. I’d be happy to hear your comments about how well it’s working, here or on Twitter.

So, here’s to the past, and to the future! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016

Hello, World: first post on new genealogy blog

There is still a lot of work to do in the background, but the FrayedGenes site is live now. This is about doing genealogy, not necessarily about my own family’s story, although I may use bits and pieces of it from time to time to illustrate a point.

I have been “doing” genealogy and family history research for over 40 years now, learning as I go along as we all do. The first time I found a reference to one of my ancestors in a book at a library, in about 1974, I learned a valuable lesson, in fact. I didn’t write down the citation, and I have yet to find that particular mention in all the years of looking since then. Keep track of your sources, people!

One of my purposes in writing this blog is to help less experienced knowledge seekers with tips, links to research tools, and reviews of things I’ve found useful in my own researching efforts. Since I also have some background in the technology of data archiving and publishing, these topics will be covered from time to time as well.

On this site I plan to take a slightly different approach from a straight blog. In addition to the narrative format afforded by the blogging medium, I will have a wiki where information can be stored in an organized, easier to locate structure.

So, let the fun commence! I’m glad you’re here.

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