this site and its creator

This website (not just a blog) is about doing genealogy, not necessarily about my own family’s story, although I may use bits and pieces of it from time to time to illustrate a point.

My name is Katherine “Kat” Prawl. I have been “doing” genealogy and family history research for over 40 years, and creating websites since 1995. I live in the Texas Hill Country with my husband and cat, and an overwhelming yarn stash that someday I will knit, crochet or weave into something.

This site is to help less experienced knowledge seekers with tips, links to research tools, and reviews of things I’ve found useful in my own researching efforts, as well as to provide an organized “index” to such information in the wiki for all knowledge seekers regardless of level of expertise. Since I also have some background in the technology of data archiving and publishing, these topics will be covered from time to time as well.

In addition to the website, I use Pinterest to collect items for future articles and inspiration, and Twitter for connecting with other genealogists and historians in real time.

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